A Word from Our Pastor



A Word From Our Pastor

My name is Brent Wells. I hope to have the pleasure of getting to know you. Allow me to tell you a little bit about myself. If you spend any time with me, you'll find that I am very aware that I'm a sinner saved by grace. You'll find that I love Jesus and I love telling others about Him. I love my family and I am a die-hard sports fan. I particularly root for the Atlanta Braves, the Georgia Bulldogs, and the Atlanta Falcons. If I'm at my computer I'm either listening to a sermon or checking the stat-line from last night's game.
I love camping and going on hikes/walks with my family. One of the highlights of my day is pulling the family together for family worship. I enjoy reading books that help me know/love God better. Some of my favorite authors are John Piper,  Jerry Bridges, John Bunyan, and Martyn Lloyd-Jones. I have been greatly influenced by Lloyd-Jones' "Sermon on the Mount" and John Piper's "Desiring God."
Speaking of my family...God has graciously given me a godly wife, Amy, and three precious children, Eli, Sydney, and Anna Grace. I was born and raised in Rome, Georgia. When I was 16 years old, God began to draw me to Himself in a powerful way. I read from the Bible that I was a great sinner but Jesus was a greater Savior (the only Savior, in fact). As I read these powerful truths, God opened my heart to truly treasure Christ. I was 17 years old when the joy of the following Christ began for me and has not ceased!

I attended Missouri Baptist College in St. Louis, Missouri to earn a Bachelor's Degree studying the Bible. During this time God allowed me to see just how deep the Bible was and how little I really knew it. I began to dig into the God's Word like never before. God was strengthening me to know why I believed what I believed. This led to a reformation of God-centered thinking and living in my life for which I will forever be grateful. 
God then led me to go to seminary at Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary in Germantown, Tennessee. I was married in September of 1999 and in December of 1999 I received my Master's Degree in Bible. I felt (and still feel) my insufficiencies in being called a "master" of a Book such as the Bible.  I am very relieved to recall that it is my job to study and preach but it is God's job to call and save!

In 2002 God called me to love and shepherd Lakewood Baptist Church. It has been a great joy of mine to strive with all that is within me to lead our people to see and savor Jesus Christ from the Scriptures and make Him known to unbelievers. When people see and savor Jesus Christ, it shows not only with their lips but with their lives.  It is Lakewood's aim to have God and his reputation at the forefront of our lives each and every day.

Come and be a part of a prayerful, careful work which God has started and will sustain. We invite you to worship with us at Lakewood Baptist Church.

Striving to boast only in the cross of Christ,

Pastor Brent Wells
Lakewood Baptist Church