GODWARD-Mens Ministry

 One of LBC's distinctives is having a Christian home. This means that the husband/father is to be the spiritual leader of the home. He is to wash his wife with the word of God and prayer on a consistent basis.

He is to initiate family worship. With the help of his wife and by the grace of God, they are to strive to have a Christian home.

We are aware that not all men are husbands or fathers. We encourage the single men and even the youth to attend Godward each 2nd and 4th Sunday evening. This is a great training ground and it provides rich fellowship. 

This year we have discussed the topics of "What is a man?" and "How to be a godly husband". The rest of the year we plan on discussing "How to be a godly father", "How to raise godly daughters", and "How to raise godly sons".

We hope you will join us in our Godward journey!